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Jess is an oceanographer, climate scientist, and geochemist by training. He got his PhD from the MIT/Woods Hole Joint Program in Oceanography in 1998 and is now the Smits Family Professor of Geochemistry and Global Environmental Science at Caltech.

Before taking a leave to found Calcarea, Jess led a group of students, staff, and post-docs working on a variety of topics from coral biomineralization, paleoclimate, the coupled sulfur and carbon cycles, and the dissolution rate of CaCO3 in the ocean.

It is this later work that led to spinning out Calcarea so that we can take the earth’s natural CO2 buffering mechanism and apply it to decarbonizing shipping.

Jess has spent many months at sea including diving in Alvin to look for deep-sea corals, taking sediment cores in the North Atlantic, and deploying new instruments around the Pacific.

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